Void is a printmaking studio and production space. We offer art workshops for participants of all skill levels, 24-hour studio access for members, and develop pop-up exhibitions in collaboration with local businesses.





Patrick Bulas MFA
Printmaking Technician, U of S
Workshops: Aquatint, Etching

Michael Peterson MDes
Director, Void Gallery
Workshops: Linocut, Silkscreen

Carrie Fahl 
Hand Embroidery Artist
Workshops: Hand Embroidery

Jacob Semko MFA
Sessional Instructor, U of S
Workshops: Waterless lithography, Woodcut


Cate Francis MFA
Workshops: Silkscreen


Susan Mills
Book Artist
Workshops: Bookbinding, Boxmaking


Board and Executive

Michael Peterson (Chair), Carly Almas (Treasurer), Cate Francis (Co-Secretary), Kelsey Philipchuk (Co-Secretary), Eric Anderson, Linda Duvall, Todd Gronsdahl, Chris Morin, Tim Nowlin, Lindsey Rewuski, Tamara Rusnak, Jacob Semko